Our Misson

Our mission is to foster friends who help youth and adults learn how to make films and inspire others through projects and programs.

We do this to help youth:

  • express their vision and values
  • celebrate fun and creativity
  • present their work
  • collaborate with communities
  • experience the lasting benefits of hands-on mentors who teach the art and science of film making

Our first non-profit film project is about to premiere in Hollywood, California, in April 2018. Entitled Min Min and The Magic Garden, this film is about a spunky orphan who searches for the magic of love on a quest for the true meaning of friendship and family through an enchanted garden. Based in part on the true story of Min, an orphan adopted in China by two American teachers, on September 11th, 2001. In the midst of a world in crisis that day, something beautiful happened after Min explored her playground and garden. This couple of native Michiganders was then on one of the first planes permitted to return to the United States days later as they landed in Los Angeles, CA, and returned to their home in Florida. This combination live action-animated short film also promotes adoption opportunities in America and worldwide.